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Takeshi Nishiyasu
Writer/Director/Director of photography/Sound/Editor/Producer

Born in 1972 and grew up in Hiroshima, Japan.
He's graduated from California State University, Long Beach. Film: Film and Electronic Arts in 1998. He worked based in Los Angeles as assitant editor and production assistants for music videos, commercial films, and feature films. He returned to Japan in 2001. He worked as freelance production crew for feature films and commercial films for three years. But he thought he needs more non-film industory job experience to write a screenplay. He shifted to work in non-film industory during the day and focus on making films during nights and weekends. He's experienced various kinds of jobs since then. He starts RAW FILM in 2005 and makes films based in Tokyo.
His short film "Buri no Oomisoka" has received Encouraging award at Nagaoka Indies Movie Competition 2014 and screened at Japan Off-Theater section in Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2014.

[Director Filmography]
2014  "Buri no Oomisoka" (Year-End Buri)  Short Film/11 min./COLOR/HD
2006  "Fuusen no yukue"           Short Film/19 min./COLOR/SD

[Other Filmography (excerpt)]
Assistant Director
2005  "Kagi ga nai"      Feature Film/83 min./COLOR/Digital

Assistatnt to Director of Photography/Video Assist Cabling (also as Interpreter)
2003   "The Last Samurai"   Feature Film/154 min./COLOR/35mm

Takeshi Tozawa
Recording Assistant

Noriyuki Nishiyasu
Naoya Kadoi
Fish Advisor

En Kikaku
Special Thanks
Cofee shop Lime Light
Special Thanks (Location)